1st Dan Breaking Requirements...


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Jul 30, 2004
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TigerWoman said:
Bignick, I like your new pic! Our testing materials are usually what is left over from tournament...the dregs, the absolutely most resiny, knotty rejects. So after several tournaments I got wise and saved a few at the beginning of the sale, for tests especially for the younger ones. Boards are so unequal, I always tried to pick out the boards at the tournaments for the smaller people. But it usually is first come first serve and why does everyone come at the last minute--well there's the drive and the parents. ;) TW

Yes, boards can vary by quite a bit. Most of the good ones at our school get used up at tournaments. My instructor always like to make a point of saving the worst ones for me. He often jokes about finding some good oak ones (don't know if I'm that good at breaking). But now that I won't be testing for a while he'll have to find somebody else to pawn them off on.