1. Anarax

    What makes your primary style primary

    Why do you practice your current style? What about the style, gym, class, instructor or training culture keeps you coming back? For those who have studied multiple styles, why have you continued training in your primary style above the others? Why is it your primary style?
  2. C

    What Chen style could this be?

    I went to a chen style tai chi course, but cannot identify what style the form is that we織re practising. It織s only beginning now and haven織t had courage to ask what sort of chen style the teacher is doing... Does anyone recognize chen form that starts with curving hands in the air like...
  3. IvanTheBrick

    Different Styles of Karate

    I have recently been looking into joining Shotokan Karate and I have previous experience with Shito Ryu Karate. However, what are the differences between styles of Karate? Do they have different strikes, techiniques, grading systems?
  4. D


    Hello all, I posted a couple of times before a long absence so I won't be offended if no one remembers me (or cares). I thought I would try and flog some life into one of my pet deceased equines... Can you describe your karate (or other art) style WITHOUT reference to your training...
  5. D

    How does your style fight?

    Hello, I asked this in the karate forum, but really it's a question for all styles. Can you describe how your ma style fights (not how it trains)? In particular I'm interested in the different strategies or game plans advocated/taught/developed by the various components and training methods...
  6. B

    Where to train praying mantis belgium?

    Hey all! I've been in TKD for a year, and im also doing liuhe ziranmen & tongbeiquan. But i really want to practice the northern praying mantis style. Do someone know a master or school in belgium? I cant find any on the internet..