1. Ivan

    Is kicking air without a target bad for you?

    I have just come back home over Christmas (barely made it with all the UK Tier 4 lockdowns) and I have a couple of targets set for myself over the time I am here. The ones I wish to talk about are improving my kicks. I aimed to do 1000 kicks daily until I saw online that it is bad for your knees...
  2. E

    Hip stretching injury

    Alright, so one day about 1 1/2 to 2 months ago, I was doing this stretch. I'm pretty flexible, so I needed to stretch pretty far to feel anything in my hamstrings. I feel tension in the hip joint (?) before a stretch in the leg. So, I'm doing this relatively slowly, and then my hip pops...
  3. Ivan

    Clicking on back of knees when stretching/kicking?

    In the past 3-5 months, I have noticed clicking on the back of my knees when I begin my stretching or kicking. When it comes to kicking, this usually only happens if I haven't stretched or warmed up properly, on the leg which I am using as support, NOT the one I am kicking with. As for...
  4. K

    Exercises for speed and agility

    Hey all, I'm just getting back into the competitive scene and need help on drills and workouts I can do to improve my kicking speed and overall agility. Also if y'all have any great stretching routines I'd love to hear those too!
  5. N1nja

    Help! Pain in groin and Adductors after stretching

    I am new to these stretching exercise and not very supple. Now have lots of pain in my groin and adductors after stretching. Exercise examples: Short Adductor Stretch Long Adductor Stretch Also tried to touch my toes in the long adductor stretch I tried doing 30 mins of these excersies for...