1. Ivan

    Strengthening knee ligaments

    A while ago I made a post in which I stated my concerns for my knees. I managed to soon after consult a physiotherapist in person, and I was diagnosed with patellofemoral knee syndrome. It's a very common injury in male athletes, which develops as a result of overworking/overtraining, and...
  2. Ivan

    Knee and Hip Pain

    I know the first thing many of you will say is to go to my GP but that's not really an option during lockdown, and I don't want to worry my parents as I am still at home. So I have been stretching quite often whilst I have been at home, mostly once (or sometimes twice) daily as I want to attain...
  3. V

    How to determine if i have a leg injury

    I have started training kicks at home at least for now , i've noticed that sometimes when i kick with my left leg (normal side kick and low kick) my knee kinda moves a little bit and it both hurts and softens the blow totally , is it something that i could resolve at home , at all or do i just...
  4. 0

    Knee problem - can I still train?

    I found out through my doctor that I have no cartilage in my knee - it's gone. That means any bending or running will be raw bone-on-bone contact and it will hurt badly, like it does now. I have pain going up stairs and going down stairs. I can't even run (properly) anymore. My knee is like thin...
  5. Ivan

    Clicking on back of knees when stretching/kicking?

    In the past 3-5 months, I have noticed clicking on the back of my knees when I begin my stretching or kicking. When it comes to kicking, this usually only happens if I haven't stretched or warmed up properly, on the leg which I am using as support, NOT the one I am kicking with. As for...
  6. LittleChick

    Knee Brace Recommendation?

    I had ACL reconstruction 5 months ago, so I'm not currently training karate. When I do go back, is there a knee brace that anyone recommends to help protect the graft that works well with karate? Thanks!
  7. L

    Terrified of low kicks

    Hi my name is Lennaerd and I have being doing kickbox for about 3 months but recently somebody in my kickboxing gym kicked me in my knee and it was dislocated, a piece of carthalage broke off (1cm widht 2cm diameter) and my patella tedon is a bit damaged. and I cant kickbox and regular trips to...