1. Ivan

    Feedback on Hook Kick

    I have a video of me doing the hook kick here: How do I improve it? Should I be chambering my leg before extending it or do I continue to pick it up the way I have been up until now? Any other tips? Thanks for your help again guys :)
  2. Ivan

    Help with the Spin Hook/Back Kicks

    My club trains in two variants of the Spin Back Kick. One is spinning whilst keeping the kicking leg straight - I have issues doing this one on both legs as I can't seem to keep it straight for the full rotation and I would like your help to correct this. The other is the Spin Hook Kick - you...
  3. Ivan

    Should I continue Taekwondo after transferring from ITF to WTF?

    To put this in context, I am blue belt in ITF at a club back home at which I trained at for two years. I went there with the intentions to expand my striking game by learning kicks, and I am very pleased with what I have attained. I specifically focused on nailing four kicks which I prioritised...
  4. Coolsweetspiceoflife

    WT-ITF Do I have to start over?

    What's up. I'm a 3rd Dan in World TaeKwonDo. I've been working on my boxing/kickboxing at my local gym. Although it's apparent that I am not a Thai Boxer, I enjoy sparring with KB/Muay Thai/Sanda rules and I see that TKD in fact works when used correctly against these guys. I want to...
  5. Nikol03

    Together we grow!

    Hi all! I wanna share with you a great news. This year my club where I train is celebrating it's first birth year. We strongly grown and learned a lot. We conquered our fears and weaknesses, perfecting technique, successfully participated in international competitions and the judges were fair...
  6. L

    What style/organization?

    For those of you who practice/Teach Tae kwon do, which style do you use? I didn't see a polling option, so I thought I'd ask. I'm pretty sure it's obvious by my posts what style I partake in (kukkiwon), but what about the rest of ya?
  7. J

    Cross-Training in Kuk Sool Won and Tae Kwondo

    I've been training in ITF Tae Kwondo for a while and will be grading for my blue belt this week. I was just wondering what opinions are of training in both Tae Kwondo and Kuk Sool Won as I have found a very good school in my area for this.
  8. J

    Tae Kwondo Theory: Learning Korean terms & theory easier?

    Does anyone have any tips for learning (and remembering) Korean terms and theory for TKD? Anyone use flash cards, pin them somewhere they will see them every day, go through patterns and state what each move is your doing in Korean?
  9. Magdakar

    tkd and psychology

    Hi eneryone my name is Magda . i am from Greece and i am athlete in ITF. So i need ur help.. I want informations or sources about tkd and psycology (athlete , instructor, after wounding, sparring psychology, psychology and athletes with disabilities, people with stress. etc). This work is for an...