Yahoo: Jose Canseco training photo: He could inflict serious hurt on MMA

Discussion in 'MMA News' started by Clark Kent, Feb 12, 2010.

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    This is really going to happen? Who else is shocked that a real mixed martial arts gym would offer to work with Jose Canseco? I guess any publicity is good publicity for Cesar Gracie. No, screw that. This can't possibly be a good thing, can it? The bigger issues comes when a legitimate promotion throws the sport's integrity out the window to make some short term proift. Strikeforce will take a massive P.R. hit if it chooses to bring in the clown prince of sportsmen, right?

    Canseco, 45, might deliver a nice television rating but at what cost? This will only further the awful stereotypes about the sport. That said, there's so sense in remaining in a state of denial. You have to believe there's something to Canseco's tweet about meeting with officials from the promotion.


    Check out the look on the faces of the Diaz brothers, Nate (on Canseco's left) and Nick (on the right).

    Gracie has indicated that he can turn Canseco into a real fighter in three months. That takes hard work. When has Canseco ever indicated that he would go the distance and not take a shortcut? In MMA, there are no shortcuts. All the performance enhancing drugs in the world can't help your fight technique and stamina.

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