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    02-17-2010 10:00 PM:putting Strikeforce in its place has become a favorite past time for UFC president Dana White. During an interview last week with ESPNRadio1100 in Las Vegas, he again suggested Showtime's fight partner is a minor league promotion.

    Now we know that's not the case. After the acquisition of EliteXC's roster, Strikeforce's four biggest shows in 2009 were all very entertaining and did just fine at the gate in St. Louis, Chicago and San Jose (two cards). In the cage, Strikeforce has been comparable to the UFC, but outside, not so much. The company does lack a bombastic, aggressive pitch man like White. Scott Coker's style is a bit different. But he is warming up to the rivalry. During a December interview with Cagewriter, he poked fun at the Zuffa's Reed Harris, and his fight promotion WEC.

    Now he's officially in the battle with a Twitter account. During this video, Coker was disappointed to find out there are other"Scott Cokers" in the world or at least people pretending to have thename.

    He settled on a name @cokersf and he's already up 43 followers! Only 1,002,785 to go to catch White on Twitter. He is following @josecanseco, so that may help. Amazingly, Canseco has 325,927 followers. One tip though, Coker may want to send out more than one tweet every five days.

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