Yahoo: Bisping camp mocks, disrespects Wanderlei Silva

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    02-18-2010 09:56 AM:[​IMG]The UFC's "Countdown" show once again did a great job of getting the juices flowing for UFC 110. Cain Velasquez and his trainers Bob Cook and Dave Camarillo, show nothing but respect for Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. That wasn't quite the case from Michael Bisping's camp with regards to Wanderlei Silva. During Countdown to UFC 110 (video) Bisping trainer Anthony McGann begins by mocking Silva's zest for pleasing the fans and also seems to poke fun at his broken english (23:15 mark).

    McGann goes on to denigrate Silva's accomplishments over the years.

    "Wanderlei didn't learn nothing in Japan," said McGann. "He has never changed in whatever it is, 50 million fights. It's the same thing. He's not evolving. He's not getting his game up."

    And seems to think the Wolfslair has Silva (32-10) figured out. He points to Quinton Jackson's knockout of Silva at UFC 92.

    "We've been here before. A year ago, same [expletive] different day," said McGann (36:56 mark).

    Didn't Jackson do most of the work on that one? Also keep in mind Jackson had been with the Wolfslair for less than four months before that fight. Bisping's wrestling coach Zach Light also says Bisping is willing to go toe-to-toe with Silva.

    "We have no problem trading punches with Wanderlei Silva. Quote me on that," said Light. "You're gonna see it. We're gonna put our chin down and put our hands up. We're gonna slug it out with this guy."


    McGann ripped Silva's striking style.

    "Wanderlei throws wild, crazy hooks. For someone like Michael who's seasoned, they're not the hardest things in the world to avoid."

    Isn't Bisping one fight removed from being put to sleep by the wide-punching Dan Henderson at UFC 100? Bisping joins in the discussion saying he was compared to Silva as a young fighter and that he has little respect for Wanderlei's Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt.

    "The belt doesn't mean [expletive] to me. I eat black belts for breakfast," said Bisping.

    The bitterness grew during yesterday's final UFC 110 press conference (video). Silva said he was going to kick Bisping's *** (12:10 mark). Bisping said he didn't understand where the animosity coming from and that he hasn't two words about the guy. A minute later he took a shot at Silva (23:10 mark).

    "You do need to win fights in this though Wanderlei, and you haven't been doing that lately," Bisping."

    Silva fired back by saying most of the guys in the business don't like Bisping. The Brit responded by saying, "he didn't give a [expletive]."

    That's a lot of trash talk from a guy with UFC wins over Elvis Sinosic, Denis Kang, Matt Hamill, Josh Haynes, Chris Leben, Charles McCarthy, Jason Day and Eric Schafer. Those fights are a combined 24-24 with the promotion.

    Yahoo! Sports.
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