Yahoo: Davis ekes out clinch-filled decision over Taurosevicius

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    After a night of exciting bouts, there is bound to be a boring one. That was the 29-29, 29-28, 29-28 majority decision win for L.C. Davis on WEC 47.

    The first round was contested almost solely against the fence. L.C. Davis drove Taurosevicius into the cage early, and they stayed there.

    In the second, Davis was taken down but Deividas wasn't able to accomplish much there after spending so much time and effort just getting Davis to the ground. In the clinch, Taurosevicius threw knee after knee, a few of which appeared to land on the crotch of Davis. Though he complained, the ref never stopped the bout.

    Davis finally got a takedown in the last minutes of the third round, but after not doing much there, they were put back on their feet, and then returned to the clinch again as the fight ended.

    With so many action-less clinches, even the judges had a hard time scoring the bout. Judge Jeff Blatnik gave the second round a rare 10-10.

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