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    Phil Davis wowed fans and apparently the promotion in his UFC debut two weeks ago. Davis, who steamrolled veteran Brian Stann, is tabbed to return again on Apr. 10 at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi. Cagewriter hit San Diego last weekend to catch up with Davis, just before his fight against Alexander Gustaffson was official. Davis, much like fellow wrestler Cain Velasquez, appeared to be a bit one-dimensional his first UFC fight. But that one dimension, ground control/positioning was outrageous. Next up offensively is adding striking and submissions. With his wrestling background at Penn State, the 25-year-old Davis has a head start on most fighters. He's asking for a little patience when it comes to judging his overall game.

    "It was all gameplan, gameplan, gameplan. They wanted me to go for safe submissions. They didn't wanted so much risky submissions," Davis told Cagewriter. "Especially for the first go round, the finish would've been awesome. You definitely don't want to lose your first one because you got overzealous."

    Davis wasn't about to compare himself to Velasquez, a former Arizona State wrestler, who many fighters think is the future UFC heavyweight champ.

    "Cain is a different type of beast. I'm like aspirin. Cain is like crack. He is dangerous. He's crazy. He's nuts."

    Velasquez looks to breakthrough this weekend at UFC 109 against the legend Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Drawing from personal experience Davis sounded like he likes Velasquez's chances.

    "Everytime I get a chance to train with him, we wrestle and it's like how does he throw me around in wrestling? I'm supposed to know what I'm doing when we wrestle." said Davis, the 2008 NCAA wrestling champion at 197 pounds. "He's unbelievable."

    Davis' immediate future included a trip to Big Bear, Ca. last weekend where his campmate from Alliance MMA, Brandon Vera is holding a training camp. After that, Davis headed back to his hometown of Harrisburg, Pa. to work with Lloyd Irvin. Follow the very "silly" Davis on Twitter @philmrwonderful.

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