Yahoo: MMA tag teamer James Te Huna debuts at UFC 110

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    And you thought XARM was the dumbest idea ever conceived using mixed martial arts concepts. As Maggie Hendricks pointed out in January there's something called Tag Team MMA. Now we find out that a future UFC fighter actually took part in this fiasco.

    James Te Huna will have to go it alone after an illustrious career as a tag team mixed martial artist. Chief Jay Strongbow, Smash, Nobbs and Hawk will not be allowed in the cage. Nor will Ole Anderson, Ricky Morton or Scott Hall. I know it's the real stuff but really, Tag Team MMA?

    Watch the video as Te Huna gives up a side mount to tag out (2:05 mark). A few seconds later the Russian fighter is getting punched in the head and bails for the corner to tag out. Huh? That's convenient. Why didn't Tim Sylvia just tag out when Ray Mercer was all over him. Two weeks ago at UFC 109, Nate Marquardt could've used a tag against Chael Sonnen.

    Te Huna does have 12 legitimate "solo" wins on ledger. He'll make his debut against Igor Pokrajac, who is probably fighting for his UFC life. He lost his first UFC fight when he was outclassed badly by veteran Vladimir Matyushenko.

    By the way, XARM is still much dumber (VIDEO). Two dudes with their left arms hooked together, beating the snot out of each other with a table in the way. Did really call it the sport of the future (0:27 mark)? I need to see that article.

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