Yahoo: Jorgensen wins with fast submission

Discussion in 'MMA News' started by Clark Kent, Mar 6, 2010.

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    In what has to be an early leader for submission of the night, Scott Jorgensen submitted Chad George in just 31 seconds.

    George took a shot at Jorgensen without setting it up, and Jorgensen easily caught George in a guillotine.

    "If you take a shot at me from a distance, I'll stop it, " Scott Jorgensen, a Division I NCAA wrestler with Boise St., said after the fight. "I want to see another fight. Whether it's next month or the month after it."

    Before the fight, Jorgensen told Cagewriter that he hoped to have a quick finish to his fight so that he could appear on the WEC pay-per-view on April 24. After a 31-second bout, injuries and fatigue won't keep Jorgensen off the card.

    Yahoo! Sports.
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