Yahoo: WEC 47 video: Jorgensen honing skills with legends

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    03-06-2010 10:20 AM:He's become one of their good earners but for Scott Jorgensen it's time to take the next step. Now 4-2 with the WEC, Jorgensen a Boise native worked with guys like Jen Pulver, Tony Fryklund and Kit Cope in anticipation of his bantamweight fight against Chad George. Jorgensen filmed a day in his life. The show was stolen by his little four-year-old son, Braeten.

    If Jorgensen wins this fight with a right uppercut, you'll see where he developed his power (0:55 mark). I've never seen anyone play Wii golf with more intensity!

    Jorgensen is coming off an upset win over Takeyu Mizugaki. He got a fight of the night bonus. It was his first with the promotion.

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