Yahoo: Two first-round wins start WEC 47

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    A match that turned into a kickboxing fight was ended with a knee in the first round by Ricardo Lamas, knocking out Bendy Casimir at 3:43.

    The two started the bout trading kicks. Though they both tried to get the fight to the ground -- Casimir with a low double and Lamas with a single leg -- high kicks dominated the bout. When Casimir went in for another shot, Lamas threw a perfect left knee, knocking out Casimir's mouthpiece, and putting Casimir out cold on the canvas.

    "I knew I had to finish this fight," said Lamas, who has two decision wins and a TKO loss in the WEC. He then credited Casimir for being a tough opponent.

    Paixao notches quick submission

    Fredson Paixao showed off his jiu-jitsu prowess with a rear naked choke in 2:39 in the first over Courtney Buck at WEC 47.

    Buck started out strong, stalking Paixao around the cage and knocking Paixao to the ground with a kick. Unfortunately for Buck, the ground is where Paixao is most comfortable. Paixao quickly took control of Buck, taking his back. Buck held out for as long as he could, but Paixao locked in a tough choke halfway through the first and Buck tapped.

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