The Limitations of MMA & Kickboxing in Self-defense Applications

Discussion in 'Whats New on Martial Talk?' started by Chuck Johnson, Mar 8, 2012.

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    Howdy folks. Just published another MA article in my blog. I wrote this being as big a fan of MMA & Kickboxing as everyone else, but also wanting to bring to light the fact that as combat systems, neither one of them is still perfect. Particularly since at the end of the day, they are both still sports. Hope you find it to be an enjoyable read!
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    You've already posted this?
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    Hi I read your article.
    Any art and person is going to have more trouble dealing with multiple opponents. Alot of factors would come into play as how well someone would do
    vs multiple opponents. Skill level on each, I am pretty confident that a skilled MMA fighter can take on 2 average joes who are out of shape.

    That is true not to many MMA gyms train weapons but to be fair not to many traditional schools train against them too or even worse train
    against them in an unrealistic fashion.

    Depends on the person I think. The arguement can be made either way. I know a Taijiquan teacher who like to pick fights and was very angry alot.

    Same could be said from people hitting concrete or wooden boards. Runner's hurt their knees. Of course you should know the risks involved but training and sparing is pretty safe and if you can not take hits with gloves in a control setting then how can you do so in a real self defense encounter.

    My point is alot of what is said our blanket statements and things that can also be brought up in other areas traditional arts included.
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    Hey Chuck,

    Just saw your house hunters international episode and thought it was great!

    Your blog looks good too!
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    > Some of them have techniques that stretch back to a time when people were actually killing each other with their bare hands.

    Ever hear of the kids game "Telephone"? A long history from a legitimate source just means things have gotten more distorted over time.

    > UFC only simulates one kind of self-defense scenario: one on one

    As oppose to how karate competitions are held?

    > it's the fact that the average person isn't tough enough to stick with that system long enough to see those results.

    Nonsense. Attrition in MMA gyms is no different then traditional gyms.

    This whole article shows a lack of knowledge about the subject matter. I would guess you've never been in a MMA gym? You are looking at only what you see on TV, not what actually happens in a gym. Some gyms focus only on competition, true. Same for all the "traditional" styles as well. Others treat it as a full martial arts program.

    And this can be fully demonstrated with comments like this:

    > Jujitsu guys mount, dismount and mount again to rack up points

    From the IBJJF Rule book:

    "Matches should unfold as a progression of positions of technical control that ultimately result in a
    submission hold. Therefore athletes who voluntarily relinquish a position, in order to again score points
    using the same position for which points have already been awarded, shall not be awarded points upon
    achieving the position anew"

    Doing what you say "Jiu-Jitsu guys" do to score points doesn't score points and they don't do it. Please take a little time to actually learn about what MMA is all about and how it is trained beyond what is on TV before writing about it. I have preschoolers to guys in there 50's training, which from your article would seem impossible.

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