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Under an Oaktree

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Master of Arts, Female, from Under an Oaktree

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Oct 10, 2020
    1. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      Your in box is full so I can't respond to your PM

      And I have talked with Di Gouyong before, via e-mail, about Xingyiquan
    2. Aiki Lee
      Aiki Lee
      Are you familiar with the technique "ura otoshi" from the hiden mokuroku ikkajo tachiai?
    3. Aiki Lee
      Aiki Lee
      Your box was full. So I post this here.

      Thanks for your reply!

      Would you ask your sensei what the core principles of diato ryu are? What makes it unique among other jujutsu ryuha?
    4. ilhe4e12345
      Hey we spoke before about Kai Sai Pakua and was wondering if maybe you could PM when you get a chance? I am looking for some information and thought you might be able to help me
    5. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      Can't return your PM your inbox is full
    6. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      No hurry, just bagua stuff
    7. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      Your in box is full and I cannot PM you

      I do not think the guy teaching it has any great depth of knowledge, but he is pretty solid in the basics and that is what I want/need right now.
    8. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      I tried to PM you and your in box is full
    9. ggg214
    10. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      I tried to PM you about the seminar and your In Box is full.

      But suffice to say it was not Xingyiquan as advertised it was Wudang Tiger Taming form so I pretty much wasted my time and money. As to further Xingyi with him...nope. I will PM you more if you like
    11. Touch Of Death
      Touch Of Death
      I so want you to say something I don't like, so I can say, "Oaktree you're in my way!" :^)
    12. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      Wow... All I can say is the tin foil hat contingent appears to be making itself known on MT these days.... It must be very dark and scary in his world
    13. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      I just looked at the book a bit on Amazon and it says that the author James Drewe has been practicing Taiji and qigong since 1975. He has studied Taiji with Master Chu King Hung, Richard Watson, Prof. Li Deyin, Master Wang Yanji, Simon Watson, and Master Huang Ping.

      If he actually trained with Li Deyin he should have a pretty good understanding of 24 form. Li Deyin is the nephew of Li Tanji and Li Tanji is the person the developed 24 form.
    14. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      Somebody wished you would die!?!? Who?

      I shall check the book and get back to you. The one on 24 I liked was by Liang Shouyu
    15. bakerchick
      I agree with that. Thanks again oaktree. Your wise thoughts are appreciated, additional perspective is a good thing.
    16. bakerchick
      Hello Oaktree. Thank you your insight to my post. I agree that we can't always have a rapport with people and that teachers say the wrong thing sometimes. I keep that in mind, I certainly don't expect to be friendly with my teacher or even really talk to him much, he's a busy man and teaches many people. I should talk to him and maybe I will. In the meantime I'll keep going and try to remain calm, cool and collected.

    17. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      Thanks I will check it out later, but now, reality strikes and I must go mow the lawn :)
    18. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      3 feet Qudi or Dizi... pfhht that ain’t nuthin’ try a 5 foot long didgeridoo :D

      Nope, she does not play the Zheng, I think she inherited it.

      If you look into old school Shaolin training there was a lot of strength training, they were big on iron ring training and some of that was for jumping. Dig a hole and jump out of it as you progress dig a deeper hole. When that gets easy do it with iron rings on your legs king of stuff.

      I use to do Taiji with ankle and wrist weights until my Taiji sifu told me to stop. At early stages it can cause problem in training and make you depend more on strength. But per the Chen family it is ok at later stages after you have united upper and lower and are depending more on body unity and internal to move. Even the Chen family says at early stages it is detrimental
    19. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      Nah, nothing special just a typical Ba Duan Jin book they used in Beijing University of TCM when my wife went to school there. More for me than anything else actually but if people want it we will try and get it published that is assuming we ever get the time :).

      The Flute (Dizi) is cool. I thought about taking up the flute awhile back but I only got as far as the Recorder and then stopped. I also did the Didgeridoo for a bit and would like to pursue that a bit more but I am not sure how my family would deal with me playing it. However my wife has a Zheng in China and I have always like the Er Hu so the next time we go back I might see if we can get the Zheng back here or possibly pick up an Er Hu
    20. Xue Sheng
      Xue Sheng
      Cool, whenever my wife and I both have time we are going to do a translation of an old book on Ba Duan Jin, nothing as cool as what you are translating but it is interesting. But so far between her schedule and mine we have no time to take to do it
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