Spikey Kicks Butt

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    Spikey is a 6 year old student who has already made some heads turn to look at him with wide open eyes, due to his promising talent and superior skills in JUDO, BJJ and NO GI GRAPPLING.

    At this young age - Spikey has already won many championships and titles, with many more still to come in the future... including a Gold medal at the 2010 jr US Open Judo Championship - and - Title belts in the expert division at NAGA - 2011 NAGA World Championship as well as NAGA World Cup. Other accomplishments include Gold medal at the "Iron Fighter - Call Out Challenge" where he was also awarded the best take downs in tournament trophy - Gold medal at the Rene Capo Cup - Judo Tournament - 2010 Champion Martial Arts "student of the year" and more!

    http://www.youtube.com/user/giansteph Please view this impressive young man in action and comment - opinions, views and thoughts are always welcome. Thanks

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