Rise of Boxing in China

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    The Rise of Boxing in China Part I: The Evolution

    “China has a centuries-old boxing history, yet it was rather different from boxing today.

    The history of China's boxing dates back 3,700 years, when China was in the Late Shang Dynasty, and the sport was one of the subjects for military training conducted by aristocrats.

    By the Han Dynasty (206 BC - AD 220), boxing became the mandatory subject for soldiers.

    Unlike boxing of the early-times in western countries which was a mixture of both the boxing and wrestling, boxing in China was apparently distinct from wrestling as early as 3.7 thousand years ago”
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    there are actually references to a type of wresting called jǐao dǐ that are about 6000 years old. Then sometime around the Zhou dynasty it appears to have evolved into something called Jiao li and it lasted until the end of the Qing Dynasty where it is then morphed into shuaijiao
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