RIP, Sensei "Chai" Uballe, Yon Dan, Isshin-Ryu

Discussion in 'The Hall of Remembrance (Memorials)' started by Bill Mattocks, Mar 25, 2011.

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    I`m sorry for your loss Bill. He sounds like a good man and a good friend.
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    I was not able to be at the dojo last night, because I had to work. Sometimes unavoidable when you support critical software applications and they break.

    However, on Sunday, I dropped off a couple of framed 8x10 photos of Sensei Uballe at the dojo, along with some extra prints. It was all I could think to do.

    I was informed by a dojo mate that last night at the end of class, our Sensei informed the dojo that Sensei Chay will be interred in his gi at the request of his family. The dojo formed a single kyu line; dan ranks and kyu alike. Sensei Uballe's photo and his folded kuro-obi were placed alone in the dan line, under the American flag. The class, students and sensei, took a kneeling stance and bowed Sensei Chay out for the last time with a long reverent za-rei.

    I was deeply moved to hear of it and wish mightily that I could have been there. I will be at the funeral tomorrow.

    These are my dojo mates, this is my dojo. I cannot begin to say how fortunate I feel to be surrounded by such people.

    And thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers.123

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