Party Platforms and Presidential Candidates in 2004

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    Land of the Free
    Semi Complete listing of US Political Parties.
    You can find each parties positions on issues by visiting their website. I encourage you to check them all out, as I found several interesting things as I compiled this listing.

    Republican National Committee
    President George W. Bush
    Vice President Dick Cheney

    Democratic National Committee
    President John Kerry
    Vice President John Edwards

    Green party
    President David Cobb
    Vice Presidential Pat LaMarche

    Libertarian Party
    President Michael Badnarik -
    Vice President Richard Campagna

    Reform Party
    President Ralph Nader
    Vice President none

    Constitution Party
    President Michael Peroutka
    Vice President Chuck Baldwin

    Socialist Party
    President Walt Brown
    Vice President Mary Alice Herbert

    Other Parties:
    Natural Law Party
    America First Party

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