"Kaith Party" Platform for 2004

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    Land of the Free

    Support womans right to abortion.

    Drug Policy / War:
    - Legalize Marijuana and add "sin" taxes to help fund drug treatment programs and health reform.
    - Use increased border patrols and higher inspections to minimize trafficking.

    Death Penalty:
    - Against

    Supreme Court:
    - Select Judges committed to law, civil rights, and strengthening the Constitution.

    State Fiscal Crisis:
    - Encourage States to get "Lean and Mean". Cut the fat and reduce "do-Nothing" patronage jobs.

    - Simplify the existing tax system.
    - Explore the idea of a combination flat tax and national sales tax.
    - Work to encourage technical trades to use American workers rather than farming out their tech jobs to Asia.
    - No tax cuts unless they come from a revised tax code.
    - Run government like a business, with tight controls on spending and require justification for expenditures.
    - Remove 'Special Interest' controls from the budget process.

    Election Reform:
    - Strong controls and limits on lobbyists, PACs, and SIGs.
    - Denounce "Mud Slinging" and "Smear" politicking.

    - Revamp existing funding structure and encourage private investment into education.
    - Tougher standards for teachers and students
    - Encourage private sponsorship of technical training

    Governmental Growth:
    - Return Federal Government to a smaller size
    - Become "Lean and Mean"
    - Return to a Jeffersonian approach to government.
    - Less Government in our lives.

    - Encourage US Oil Companies to update and modernize their refining capacity.
    - No drilling in Arctic Refuge
    - Encourage "Clean Air" alternatives such as wind, hydro and solar power, as well as 'fuel cells'.
    - Encourage private companies to 'clean up' their local areas. Provide federal funding for water and land reclamation.
    - Tighten pollution standards and raise penalties for non-compliance.
    - Expand Federal environmental protection coverage in national parks and resources.
    - US Independence from Foreign energy imports within 10 years.
    - Raise MPG requirements and push for more efficient autos.

    Farming / Livestock:
    - Expand funding for conservation and smart farming ideas.
    - Encourage farmers to plant and export products rather than relying on Federal Subsidies
    - Increase the number of Meat inspectors nationwide and raise the quality of our national food supply.

    Gay Rights:
    - Full Rights for same-gender marriages
    - Openly serve in Military
    - Ban job discrimination
    - Extend hate-crime protections to include.

    - Do not grant gun makers immunity from lawsuits
    - Do not renew Assault Weapon Ban
    - Require full background checks at gun shows
    - Enforce existing gun laws and prosecute those who lie on background checks
    - Homeland Security begins with the 2nd Amendment.

    Home Land Security / Immigration:
    - Repeal the labeling of US Citizens as enemy combatants.
    - Repeal Patriot Act and restore civil liberties.
    - Fully Integrate FBI and CIA inside DHS.
    - No 'automatic path' to citizenship.
    - Tougher 'entry' standards.
    - Full patrolling of US Borders by land, air and sea. Create a "Coast Watchers" department to actively monitor coastline.
    - Full and complete inspections at US Border crossings, especially the Mexican. Searches for contraband, illegal aliens and safety checks mandatory.
    - Fully Fund and Staff the Boarder Patrol.
    - Increase crossing capacity to handle added workload.
    - Fully Federalize all Airline screeners and use strict enforcement of guidelines.

    Health Care:
    - Work to reduce drug prices across the board
    - Allow small businesses to 'group together' to help lower premiums.
    - Fund federal clinic and medical coverage by adding a 'sin' tax to tobacco, alcohol and marijuana.
    - Raise standards for veterans care.
    - Remove limits on health care. 100% health care coverage for all Americans.
    - Remove abuses caused by outrageous markups on services.

    Iraq / Afghanistan / Mid East / Military
    - Convert US role in Iraq to 'Support'. Work to pull out as soon as humanly possible. Reserve right to withdraw if position becomes a quagmire.
    - Return US to non-Preemption Policy.
    - Return to Afghanistan to finish the hunt for the 9/11 masterminds
    - Use Iraqs increasing income from it's oil production to fund it's own rebuilding.
    - Continue to train Iraqis to deal with internal threats.
    - Punish war profiteers.
    - Denounce Israeli and Palestinian atrocities. Act as mediator to find peaceful options. Reserve right to withdraw if situations sour.
    - Continue to fund improvements in technology to protect troops
    - Against National Missile Defense.
    - Reduce deployments overseas. Use Regular military to strengthen our borders.
    - Recruit more regular service members and reduce dependency on National Guard to fight foreign wars.
    - Create Civilian Defense Force
    - No Draft.
    - Curb wasteful spending while investing in new equipment and technology.
    - Better pay and benefits for service personnel and their families.

    Retirement and Social Security:
    - Encourage Private Investment in addition to existing Social Security program.

    - Require companies moving jobs overseas to give notice.
    - Review existing trade agreements and renegotiate those that are excessively unfair to America.
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