Musings from my probationary 2nd dan test yesterday

Discussion in 'Tae-Kwon-Do' started by Gwai Lo Dan, Jul 30, 2017.

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    Please ask and inform us. I may not be able to sleep until I know. :)
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    Well, my conclusion is that it is primarily a way to lessen the impact of the cost (i.e, spreading the cost out). I had thought that I would test, and to the extent things needed work, I would then focus on them and test again when ready.

    However, we didn't do much of the testing material afterwards, and the next test was set for everyone for about 4 months later.

    For me, I knew I would be busy in December and not going to tkd as much. So I anticipate being perhaps slightly worse than I was previously.

    The worst adult who never remembers all the combinations will test for the actual 2nd dan. The best adult (with great technique and jumping kicks, and better than me for sure) will only be doing his "probationary" black belt.

    IMO, many schools tend to charge little for lessens, then make it up on testing. (Think about cost per hour, from a student's perspective). It's a business with expenses, so I understand that. But I would prefer my view of "probationary" better: an opportunity to see your deficiencies.
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    My school has the chairs for the audience right next to the mats. We usually have 1 or 2 kids (more in the white-yellow test) get distracted, but for the most part its not an issue. Then again, 98% of our parents aren't distractions during class or tests.

    We also don't have a problem with parents coming onto the mat during class or tests.

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