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    Considering pancration was rarely mentioned before Arvanitis, he has a point. His effort is to bring it back as close as possible, therefore the standup grappling is Greco Roman, the strikes are like Muay Thai etc. And by Icepick's own thing, no style "owns" a technique.

    Greece is very big on eastern arts and the "new" pancration recently developed in Greece is practically a karate ripoff. They also wanted the demonstration to be them doing forms in flesh-covered gis. Arvanitis said he would not be involved in the Olympic version if it stayed that way.

    The current US team for 2004 has Keith Hackney, Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, Micheal DePausquale, Sheldon Marr etc. as coaches and trainers.

    Pancration's been featured in Black Belt, Grappling Magazine, etc.
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    Yeah for sure.

    (Just wanted to reply to the oldest last post, potentially the biggest necro gap ever! Did I win?)123
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