Systema Seminar w/ Jim King August 2 & 3

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    Systema Seminar
    with Jim King
    August 2nd & 3rd

    All aspects of Systema will be covered

    Jim King is one of Vladimir Vasiliev’s Senior Instructors in Toronto,
    Canada. During his service in the American military, Jim served in the
    2/75th Ranger Battalion, E Company, 109th Military Intelligence Battalion
    (Long Range Surveillance Unit-Airborne), and the 82nd Airborne Division in
    the late’80’s and early ‘90’s. Jim has spent the last four years in Toronto
    learning the Russian System under the masterful instruction of Vladimir. He
    has also had the opportunity to travel to Russia on the annual training trip
    for the last three years to learn under Mikhail Ryabko, Vladimir’s teacher.
    Further, Jim has the truly unique experience one being of the few
    individuals in the world that has trained both with the American and Russian
    special operations units. Jim has extensive training and experience with
    all manner of weapons and tactics as well as the philosophy, movement, and
    application of the Russian System.

    15905 Brookway Dr. Huntersville, NC 28078
    Advanced Payment $75 both days or $50 per day
    Day of Event $125 both days or $75 per day
    Seminar is limited!
    Call 704-895-1070 or E-mail
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    Jim King just completed teaching a successful Systema seminar here in the Seattle area. I cannot strongly enough recommend that you go to this seminar. Jim is a fountain of information that never turns off and never runs out of relevant, insightful and helpful information. He can have you laughing your *** off even as he knocks you onto it. He has only been away two days and already people are asking me when he is returning. He is not only willing to share information that took him years of sweat and blood to learn but he is eager to share it. Once again if you have the chance to attend one of Jim’s seminars DO SO! If you ever have the chance to host a Jim King seminar DO SO!

    See you on the mat soon
    Brian King
    Bear Creek Systema Study Circle123

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