How common is this?

Discussion in 'MMA' started by Midnight-shadow, Apr 17, 2017.

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    First of all, we should avoid that oportunity for the opponent - distance management, footwork, closer guard, keeping him busy...

    After the trapping, I would rise the shoulder and lean the head / body. I think it happens quite often in MMA. But it is not a counter.

    As a counter, I would kick the knee or body (if... because longer weapon). Puting him a bit cautions or off balance is enough, defensively.
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    san jose

    I like using this against Wing Chun guys. Parry the lead extending hand to come in with an overhand right.

    One defense is train to draw circles with your hands, like how BJJ warms up doing leg defends against dudes trying to grab onto your gi pants.

    But this big dude threw the OR, right away...he trained for this tech.

    Another good defense against an OR is to deep shoulder roll while popping the lead elbow up....but it's caught, so you just have the just tuck the chin behind the shoulder, squat low and back onto the rear leg.....rear hand cover the face, palm out.... and brace for impact.

    Then he's In a nice position for a take-down.

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