Fast track gradings?

Discussion in 'Beginners Corner' started by Distorted_image, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. Distorted_image

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    Oct 16, 2016
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    Hi Everybody.
    Firstly and foremost I would like to formally apologise to Mr Darren Lea and Micky John I'm very sorry for any harm you have caused for nut understanding.
    I joined your FB page a while ago and have since unjoined.
    I didn't understand that's why I asked, I should've asked you but you seem abrupt at the time.
    The person Mr lea is talking about is not the person writing this.
    I was never part of your organisation.
    I was looking to join.
    I no longer live in the area as I have been posted elsewhere. I will not mention which dojo I met you at in fear of causing more damage. there is no need to send the wrong people to court.
    I will not post on here again and Apologise profusely to Mr Darren Lea, Micky John and everyone else on this thread or Washinkan karate or associated with them. I meant no disrespect.
  2. Midnight-shadow

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    May 29, 2016
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    Well at this point I am very confused and I doubt we'll see any answers any time soon. I was also curious about this 500+ Year Old Japanese system but I guess we'll never know what it was.
  3. KenpoMaster805

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    Jun 14, 2016
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    Oxnard California
    Hi everybody in my Studio it will take ya 6 months to get your puple belt because theres 24 tech plus the basic plus the sets and forms and 200 for a purple belt are you kidding me thats bunkers man i only pay 45 bucks for my purple belt test also there is a belt in Arnis eskrima and kali my Instructor takes Kali class under Guro Dan insosanto and his a 3rd degree black belt and its called Filipino Martial Arts FMA in my school if your not ready their not gonna let ya test until your ready our karate school is not easy its hard too

    heres a Catch though if my Instructor see ya practicing and if your good he will let ya in in the swat team being in the swat is fun you get to help teach kids and adulsts its fun and then you get to be assistant and then instructor
  4. Darren Lea

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    Nov 12, 2016
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    Hi all martial artists. I have returned from both Phillipines and Japan where I was training in karate, arnis and Iaido.
    I just read some of the comments made and I find it difficult to understand some people.
    But I would like to say this little bit of history of Washin Kan karate association.
    The club was formed in 1995 by myself with the help of my sensei Kenji Sakamoto, my sensei wanted a club in Australia that taught all aspects of the Japanese martial arts.
    So using the washin kan name that Kenji came up with, the club was formed...
    Is washin kan style 500 years old... answer is no. However the sword and jujitsu that was taught to me by Sakamoto.. I guess some of the techniques were.
    Is washin kan a Japanese martial art. Yes.
    Our system is certainly old with direct links to daitoryu and a sword system that had been handed down from father to son. However these days we use shinkendo system.
    Our karate is from Chotoku Kyan and Motobu sensei. It's predominantly an okinawan style incorporating Itosu pinnan kata with Kyan, Motobu and kobudo.
    These systems I had learnt from Dennis Kibler and Katsumi Okubo.
    I have also been taught some Goju by my good friend and mentor Constantine Ceberano who is a legend here in Australia, he was graded to 10th Dan by Japan Goju Kai.
    So i hope this can help with your questions.
    I also have been a student of Sikaran and Kali Arnis International with both GM Geronimo and the late GM V. Sanchez, I do in fact teach some Arnis and my current grade is 5th Degree.
    So I hope this covers these questions.
    Please if you have any reasonable questions about our history or qualifications please just ask..You can find our school on Facebook and to answer the biggest question of all.
    Thank you for your time.
    Kyoshi Darren Lea.
    Karate ka since 1974 and still learning...

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