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    There's been popular interest about the different crane styles in Chinese martial arts in some more or less unrelated threads lately. Instead of OT:ing other threads, I'll start a new one.

    Since the Hokkien crane styles stemming from Yongchun Baihe are the most interrelated and connected ones, I'll post a comparison of all of their Sanzhan/Sanchin forms.

    Yongchun Baihe's Qibu Sanzhan (Three Battles in Seven Steps):

    Never have I ever found a proper Minghe's Sanzhan, but here is one. They don't train Sanzhan as much as Babulian, anyway.

    There is ridiculously little material of Feihequan, or Flying Crane boxing. This poor quality upload is the only one available to me:

    Shihequan, Feeding Crane Boxing. However, their first beginner set is Jiaozhan, Corner Battle.

    Finally Zonghe's Sanzhan. Even though the quality of the video is bad, it is somehow my favourite.

    Bonus: Monkey Crane Sanzhan:
    Min 猴鹤三战

    Just something you should be aware of: there is a certain variation in execution on how people perform these crane forms in general. Some people are "soft", swinging and wavy, some people are firm and solid. This seems to exist within every single Crane style. Liu family Shihe is solid, some other versions have shaking going on. Some Zonghe is extremely soft and round on movements, some are linear with distinct beginning and end of movement. Lei Kong's Yongchun is so soft, it's almost even a different style of what I chose to link.
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    Very interesting. The Yongchun Baihe's Qibu Sanzhan is most similar to what I practice, except we do different hand movements once we thrust forwards. We also have a bit of shaking like you see in the other videos, but that is only taught in the higher level forms.

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