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Last Saturday it snowed and it has been below freezing ever since. No big deal for much of the country but we do not get to experience such weather that often. We had snow again today that has continued all day and is still going strong at 1am. This is my first winter in this house so the snow has been interesting to see what kind of wildlife visits my home. I have been going out to the feeders while filling them and putting out water and looking around at all the different tracks as well as my own tracks. My tracks have changed since last winter. I still walk a bit on the outside but it used to be much more pronounced on one side than the other. Now it is more even. Last Saturday as both the snow was just beginning and the Systema class was just ending we had a hawk visit. The have been by before doing flybys. This hawk stayed on my fence now and then facing the yard and now and then facing out towards the blackberry field. I was able to get with-in four feet of it and sit and watch it for over forty five minutes. I have raccoon tracks but only one set, some kind of rabbit tracks and some other small creatures tracks that I have not yet identified and all kinds of bird and squirrel tracks. I cant wait to get out to the big field and see what has been out running bout. I have seen a buck out and once about 6 weeks ago caught some movement after feeling eyes on me. Not sure what it was just a flash of brownish in the bushes. The training this Saturday should be a blast. LOL hope the guys bring gloves and a hat it will be cold out.


The training went well, thanks for asking. We have been joking about the crappy weather we have here during our training. It almost seems with out fail to clear up and have sun breaks instead of the promised snow and storm. We have been able to train during the rain and snow but not as much as we would like. It seems to often snow or rain an hour after class has ended LOL.

The track was possum I believe.

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