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Inhale exhale, it all sounds so simple. It is something that we have done since the first slap and yet I still have questions and need of practice and exploration. When I first started martial arts I found myself holding my breath often, this new awareness soon highlighted that I often unconsciously held my breath all thru the day and night. It wasnt until I started training in Systema that I started to learn drills and exercises to further my understanding of breathing. I have since attended many different Systema breathing seminars and each and everyone has been different. The subject is so deep that each instructor has been able to cover their understanding of the basics and each has added their mark to my understanding. It is in my opinion the most difficult of all Systema training and as it should be it is also the most rewarding satisfying and crucial. Proper breathing is the base of our art and leads all and I am grateful and LOL often frustrated that it is and does.

This last weekend was yet another breathing seminar.
It was instructed by my friend Vali Madj

It was a great two days of training. One of things I most came away with from this seminar was a better understanding of the benefit of proper breathing, the quality to our lives that proper breathing facilitates. I had a basic understanding of the biomechanics of breathing and that has been deepened by attending this seminar, but there is so much more to be offered by breathing properly. I was able to explore prepping and calming of the psyche even after panic and trauma using breathing during this seminar and this has given me much to work on. I am EXTREMLY grateful to Vali and my training partners for the work that this seminar has provided and the new understanding that work will build on. How lucky am I to have found my way on this path? No matter how much we work, sweat and bleed during these drills and exercises I always emerge rejuvenated and healthier. This seminar reinforced this phenomenon and helped me learn some of the many reasons for this.

Highly recommend any opportunity to train with Vali be taken advantage of.

Hope to see you on the floor soon
Warmest regards
Brian King


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