Respecting Other People's Beliefs

Hong Kong Pooey;1644816 said:
I think that the tooth fairy, like other similar stories using imagination and make believe, have their place in a culture. If a person continues to believe those stories into adulthood I would suggest they have issues. Mind you, my children all had an irrational belief in Father Christmas for many years but I think they may have had their own interests as a priority. ;)

lol :)

I don't believe it is nonsense in the conventional use of the word. I don't believe the Bible is literal truth for many reasons, but to tell a Christian the Bible is nonsense, to me, is disrespectful. Same for the Koran.

Just to clarify I didn't say it's all nonsense, rather that it contains a fair degree of nonsense - and that's my belief :wink1:

And this is a triple negative. Wow!

I am assuming you mean people shouldn't be offended if someone questions their belief. Depending on the way the question is raised, I would agree. However, don't be surprised if the reaction is right back in your face if the person is a fundamentalist.

Not really, I mean that none of us has the right not to be offended.[/QUOTE]

Apologies for the crappy quoting skills, I really must learn how to do that properly!


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