Muay Thai Training. Day 2 (Flying Knee, Push Kick, First Sparring Match)

So, my second day was a lot of fun.
We learned a push kick and how to combo it with a round house kick to the head.
We also learned how to do a flying knee.

But I gotta say, I never knew I could jump that far. When we tried the flying knee, the trainer wanted us to do
it in a standing position, after doing a push kick with our lead leg, we had to do a big step forward, put our left knee up and use it to swing us forward, passing our partner and hitting the "chin" with our right knee. (After getting pushed back we used our hands to simulate the chin).

The hardest part was the push kick tho. At least for me. I tried doing it and I needed quite a few tries to do it.
Then we had to do kind of a spinning push kick with our heels and then follow it up with a toundhouse kick to the head like I said earlier..... it was difficult, very difficult. Everytime I tried to push kick my opponent I would loose balance. And the problem was my height. Being 6"0 and 14 years old, I am not used to my long legs.
I stepped away so much, that I thought, that I never was going to hit him, but I did. I was just amazed, that
the problem was so simple, my distance. after that pairing it up with a round kick to the head (we kicked against the shoulder for training purposes).

The best part was my sparring match. Because I dyed the front of my head, I came waaay later to training than I excpected. I didnt come late, but I still didnt come at the time I wanted,.... and missed my bus, so my mom had to drive me there. If I arrive at 5pm, I can train with the punching bags and such till half past 6.
But because I came late I wanted to stay late at the gym and told that to my trainer. I had 10 minutes to get it on with the heavy bags, but another person (who is far more experienced than me) wanted to do a light sparring match,... and I took the chance of course. We agreed to do a boxing sparring match, because punching lightly is easier than kicking lightley, and also I am far too inexperienced.

The start of the sparring match, I thought "I can do this just relax", and he just jabbed so fast that I hit myself with my own hand and then gave me a cross. That made me hyped up, but also scared, because he is better built, but I have a way farther reach. I was able to hit a couple of Jabs in his face, and also hit him with my hooks after fainting jabs. It was so much fun, I will never forget that moment.

I want to fight.


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