Right, well I'm going to call today's objectives "achieved" although I must be honest, and admit that I had to swap out the last set of 60 toe-touch situps for 60 regular crunches, but nonetheless I am happy with how it went for the first real exercise in quite awhile.
All I have left to do is some ninjutsu stuff before bed and I'm done for the day!

Tomorrow's objectives:

Pressups, tricep dips and squats all as today's were.

Abdominal exercises I am going to try the ab routine I used to do when I did Muay Thai (although a reduced number of reps for each part of it of course) which basically consisted of 16 different ab exercises and reps were 35 or so to begin with back then (although I was able to get up to 50 back in the day, as the number gets increased over time) for each exercise except side-crunches, which are double the number of reps plus 10 (so if I do 30 for the rest then it will be 70 for side crunches).

Some taijutsu solo training and ukemi/taihenjutsu as well for tomorrow. Will post back and list whether acheived or failed.


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