Yahoo: Munoz backing Pacman says Mayweather is scared

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Sep 11, 2006
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01-08-2010 09:15 AM:

The Filipino fight community is a tight one. UFC fighters Mark Munoz and Brandon Vera are well aware of what's happening in the ridiculous Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. negotiations. Munoz has lost his patience with Mayweather:

&ldquo;I think Mayweather is just making excuses. I think he&rsquo;s scared," Mu&ntilde;oz, a former US All-America wrestler, told the Manila Bulletin during a teleconference at the ABS-CBN compound on Saturday. "I think Mayweather is finding a way to cancel it right now. I don&rsquo;t like how the fight is being carried out right now."

Top Rank Promotions' official Facebook page said their guy, Pacquiao will now face Joshua Clottey on Mar. 13. Mayweather has also stated he wants to fight on the same day regardless of whether its against Pacman. The situation all bears watching for the UFC, Strikeforce and MMA fans. With dates on the MMA schedule filling quickly, there's a bigger likelihood that separate Mayweather and Pacquiao fights could conflict with an MMA card and if the desired megafight is simply pushed back that could also go head-to-head with an MMA card.

Munoz has trained in the past with Pacquiao under the watchful eye of trainer Freddie Roach at the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles.

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