White reiterates that talks between UFC and Hendo are dead

Clark Kent

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Sep 11, 2006
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10-20-2009 04:35 PM:

The ball is clearly in Dan Henderson's court. The UFC has drawn the line in the sand. Dana White told RawVegas' Dave Farra that Henderson was asking for an "obscene" amount of money. The thought now is that Strikeforce will jump at the opportunity to sign the former PRIDE light heavyweight and middleweight champ. White said have at it (1:10 mark):

"If they can afford to sign Dan Henderson and I couldn't, what's that tell you?"

That's a good question. Does it mean the UFC has to be more responsible with its money because of the owners' money issues? Or does Strikeforce have a lot more money behind it than most people think? Or as Farra suggested, Strikeforce is willing to pay big money to steal away UFC's free agents?

Strikeforce and the Henderson camp both claimed there have been zero talks about a potential deal. Reports over the weekend quoted a Henderson interview from HDNet's Inside MMA saying he would fight two more times in the UFC. It turned out that the interview was from Sept. 18, weeks before the reports that the negotiations had broken off came out.

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