"Weapons of Moroland" shield...how accurate?


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Feb 22, 2002
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Those of you that have this wall plaque, how accurate are the miniature representations? I know there is some loss in the shrinking, and there are many unique personal styles for blades, but for the most part, how accurate do you think these things are? Ive never seen a barong like the one on the shield (it looks like a butcher knife rather than leaf shaped), and every panabas I have seen has been more of an ax type weapon rather than a bolo. In general the handles look a little out of proportion. (IMHO).

If I only had little Filipino action figures!!! GI Joe watch out!
Anybody know where I can find a High-res pic of the Weapons of Moroland Shield on the internet? I've been looking for one for a long time.
I'll take a picture of mine with my digicam and post it up here. What size do you want it at?
Not very accurate in my opinion.

One of my little ambitions is to make "Weapons of Moroland" shield with maybe 4 to 6 real swords.

I have a Barong, and that's it. I'd plan to get a Kris of course, and a Kampilan. Maybe a Ginunting.

Any suggestions on which the rest should be?
Originally posted by arnisandyz
I'll take a picture of mine with my digicam and post it up here. What size do you want it at?

Would you mind sending one to me as well? A few of the little swords are missing and I want to duplicate them - even if they aren't all that accurate.


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Here is the pic of the shield. If you want a high-res version let me know and I'll email it directly to you.

Hey Mormegil,

How about a Kalis, Pira, or Pinuti? These arn't so "exotic" that you wouldn't be able to find one. Other than that, pretty much whatever you can find!


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Thank you. That was exactly what I needed. I noticed that the pinute is not included on my shield. Is that because it is a Visayan weapon, and the weapons on the shield are from the southern Philippines?

For an excellent example of a pinute:



Kris Cutlery sells Filipino weapns; so does Sandata Weapons.


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Your most likely right. A pinute comes from Cebu (I think) and the shield is Weapons of Moroland, which would have more Islamic/Indonesian influence.

Do you think they have a Weapons of Central or Northern Philippines? Weapons that are specific to the other regions of the PI? Pinute, Espada, Balisong, Bolo, latigo, tabok tuyok, etc?
I got my pic quite a while ago. I forgot to say thanks. So thanks. I really like the looks of a lot of those weapons. Some of them should give me some good inspiration for the projects I've got in the works. Thanks again.

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