Usjjf nationals

Thank God it's over it still seems like a bad dream
:2xbird: :2xbird: :2xbird: :2xbird:
Well It wasn't all bad they tried hard to make it a good tournament even though lots of things were wrong with the tournament alot of hard work went into it it is just to bad it sucked. Good thing Bill one it made it a good time
No i have a bruised ego lol.
No seriously I didn't earn a victory I had one easy match Bill had three wars it was a good show.
Ok guys, points made. Did you guys send in the complaints thru the official channels yet?
still writeing the list
And im going tp Mcpeeks to pick up some videos
And discuss this ferthere
He has a list of his own
And since He is the RJJO president
And was there what he has to say will
Matter more than what we have to say
In the long run nothing can change
That day!

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