Use foot sweep to set up different throws

Kung Fu Wang

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Sep 26, 2012
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You can use foot sweep to set up many different throws. It uses the strategies that you attack one leg first, you then

- attack the the other leg, or
- attack the same leg again.

IMO, this is a good way to train the throwing combos such as:

- foot sweep, leg block (at 1.34 - 1.53).
- foot sweep, front cut (at 1.55).
- foot sweep, twist and spring (at 2.00).
- foot sweep, shoulder throw (at 2.06).
- foot sweep, leg twist (at 2.11).
- foot sweep, inner hook.
- foot sweep, out hook.
- foot sweep, sticky kick.
- foot sweep, reverse shin bite.
- foot sweep, back neck choke.
- ...

You can use foot sweep to link into about 20 different throws. What's your opinion on this training method?

Here is an example to use foot sweep to set up back neck choke.