UKTA Championships in Tidworth


Drunken Master

I went to this competition (to spectate) last weekend which was my first.

I was just wondering what others thought of it.

I really enjoyed it despite have to wait so long to see some real action from the higher grades.

I don't know anything about these, maybe you care to expand on what you thought of the day? Did you learn anything from it?

this weekend saw the student nationals, both ITF and WTF, I took part in the WTF ones and got a bronze. One thing I will say, thart has been exhoed by pretty much everyone else I spoke to was that they couldn't understand the scoring system. The refs in particular didn't seem to know what the hell was going on. In my first hit I kicked the guy in the face 4 times, twice having to stop the fight to check he could go on, and I only got on point for it! In my last match I lost 4 points in a row for "pushing" everytime I punched the guy in the chest. I couldn't believe it and watching back the video is even worse as I was clearly robbed. BUT anyway, just thought I'd share....
In a nutshell, that's why tournaments are utterly useless. The only tournament I like are traditional forms tournaments. Don't even get me started on that musical form crap.

You don't need to enter sparring tournaments for any other reason than stroking your ego, or that of your instructor's. Judging almost always seem to be biased. Most of the time, the judges are volunteers who don't know the rules. Many times, the judges volunteered to be judges just to get into the tournament for free; therefore, they're not the most attentive people.

Sorry your experience was so bad, but it's to be expected these days.

We had a similar expereince last year (it's an annual tournamnet) and I wasn't planning on entering this year until a month or so ago when I though "well it might be different this year"... sadly not. I liked the idea of entering as it's full contact and it would be nice to see how I'd do against someone in a fight (despite the restricting rules).

HOWEVER the curse of the martial sport arose and it was just frustraing fighting guys that would step into you with their hands down, and you REALLY REALLY want to just smack them in the face but you can't. Couldn't even sweep or just one swift kick to the knee cap. *sigh*

I think short of joining the dog brothers I'm not going to get much chance of sparring without restrictions, apart from on the street. This may very well be a good thing however...

At least I believe in the ITF matches you get to punch to the face and sweep, even if it is semi-contact, at least your brain has to think about avoiding blows to below the waist.
Well, I really enjoyed the competition. I didn't enter myself as I didn't know what to expect.

There were some really good fights, and even managed to see someone get knocked out through a superb high kick which caught just under the nose.

The fights between the lower grades seemed to be really entertaining as some of them lacked an control which lead to some heavy contact.

I thought the judging system was very good. There were 6 judges on each match. This consisted of four on each corner of the right giving points and finally showing who they thought had scored the most points. The other two judges were scoring warnings for excessive contact.

I look forward to the next competition.
By the way does anyone know of any more competitions coming up in the UK.
There's a big one coming up in Leeds sometime just after Easter, but I can't remember the details now, I'll get some for you though.
Check for details of the colour belt open in London on April 27th........


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