Two weeks into my training...


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Feb 11, 2003
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It's just that it takes a while to advance at this dojo. And, honestly, I really couldn't care much less about it. I'm learning a ton, getting better, and having fun.

I actually think you guys advance a little faster than we do... of course its left completely up to us when we want to, but if we wait TOO long we get the nudge, if you know what I mean. In fact, I believe that it was 2nd kyu I stayed in for over a year before I was basically told I had to test... but I think that's why we advance so slow, many of us are trying to perfect the material in our curriculm level before we test.

And I can't speak for how you guys do it over there, Sam might be a stickler for perfection in the techniques he teaches you out of his curriculum on a test.. but typically speaking within the Buj, and I know by us, unless you are way off the reservation someplace doing god knows what rank is something you get because you are ready to grow into it... not because you have "perfected" your techniques... especially at the Kyu levels. I've trained with you, and watched you when you came over and were training over by us, I'm sure you are gonna do fine Sunday.


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Jun 2, 2011
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I'm learning a ton, getting better, and having fun.

Good to hear. First reaction I had when I started was "This is way better than any of the folklore".

Years later, I realize it's a very well grounded, very practical and often surprisingly pragmatic system, and I agree that it's a lot of fun.