Trying to find this Action/Martial Arts movie where a guy has a blade or arrow tip in his hair and he kills other fighters with it


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Jul 7, 2024
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Hello movie buffs!

I am looking for this Martial Arts or Action film. I would say it was made and released anywhere between the 1970s to late 1980s. It's definitely not American Samurai, Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Bloodfist 2, Gladiator Cop or Best Of The Best 2. But it is along the same lines as these films. It had an Oriental/Asian tone to it. The movie had a hero (good guy) can't remember exactly who but I would say a westerner. His brother from memory is murdered or killed and the hero goes looking for him. There's also a blonde 70s or 80s bombshell love interest in the film and one of the main villains (bad guy) was this very well built muscular and big Asian man (Chinese or Japanese) with a fully shaved head and bald. He had a fu man chu style facial hair, or a goatee for his facial hair. He was wearing black leather gauntlets on his wrists and had long black pants. Pretty sure he wore a black top with chain mail or some kind of armored gi when he was not fighting like a sleeveless black gi and when he fought he was shirtless from memory. He had a lighter Asian skin color and high Shang Tsung vibes from Mortal Kombat. Almost looked like Shang Tsung from the Mortal Kombat Conquest series but bald. I remember a particular scene of this guy at some point in the movie, entering the arena or fight area through like a prison cell door. He then turned around and closed the door behind him and then he walked along this catwalk or walkway with a menacing walk and it had like a sideview camera angle of him while walking with some eerie music playing. He then went to go and sit down and watch some deathmatches between other fighters. I'm pretty sure this big muscular Asian guy was the ring leader or the guy who ran all the deathmatches.

There was also another bad guy in the movie to. An Asian man to I believe and I think it's this guy or the big bald asian guy who killed the heroes brother. He would whip his hair around that had a knife or blade hidden in it, in a capoeira or wushu style of fighting style. This guy was the only fighter who had a weapon and his weapon was a blade or steel arrow tip at the end of his long braid or long black hair. He wore long bright red pants and had an athletic build. He would fight using the momentum of the flipping to kill the other fighters with the blade in his hair. He was the only fighter that had a weapon in the film. It was almost like it was not known by the other fighters he fought against, and he would hide it to use the blade to cheat and try and kill other fighters in the tournament.

When it came time for the blade guy to fight, he would use the momentum of his style and he would try and land or catch other fighters in the throat with the arrow tip or blade from his hair. This guy specifically had a few fights in the film.

A few fighting scenes with the blade villain I remember are:

One fight he was dancing and flipping around, just toying with his opponent. (Using the wushu or capoeira fighting style to do it). Eventually he beat his opponent to death.

Another fight I remember he started slicing a guy with his hair slowly, (like a shark preying on him bite by bite) and then either strangled the guy to death or caught him in the throat with the hair blades which killed him.

Then the final fight from memory he had in the film I remember was when he was against the hero (main protagonist). The hero faces him and the blade fighter's ponytail gets caught by the hero or something happens where he makes a mistake and he is then stabbed to death with his own hair blades, or, beaten to death by I'm pretty sure the main protagonist (hero).

Eventually after the bad blade guy is defeated by the hero. The final fight occurs against the main villain, (the big bald muscular Asian guy) and there's like some sort of breakout scenario.

Pretty sure it was some sort of illegal underground kumite tournament movie like bloodsport but a lot more dark, gritty and violent. It had multiple different fighters with different styles. In some almost prison like environment that was torchlit and the fighters would fight on a big open sandpit with a rectangular or squarish big black dungeon cage that had steel bars surrounding them. It was like an open abandoned cell block or mortar. There was no escape between fights. A gong can be remembered being sounded between some fights and there was a scene or two of dead fighters bodies being thrown down this hole to the side of the pit by some henchmen. Like a drain or chute it was almost like it was illegal human cockfights. I cannot remember entirely if the fights were voluntary, they were trying to win something like a prize or if they were all being held against their will, but they had to fight in order to advance or survive. The other fighters I believe were being held behind steel bars or cells and watching the fights. Almost like Bloodfist 2 and American Samurai in a way. I definitely think the film was more 70s or maybe even 80s. The movie was very violent and very brutal. From memory, it was well shot to. It was most likely a B Grade film though and it had that Asian martial arts feel to it.

I do have a big list of films that I and others who are in the hunt for it have confirmed it is not if that is needed to!

Thank you in advance guys.
Welcome to Martial Talk, Eythyn.

I dont remember that one, but Ill ask around.
Welcome to Martial Talk, Eythyn.

I dont remember that one, but Ill ask around.
Thank you Buka. This means a lot. Loving this website heaps already. I have tried multiple reddit forums, kung fu fandom and other movie parties and sites and I have had no luck. I hope this movie resurfaces and is found again soon! It was one badass Martial Arts film!
Definitely not American Samurai. I own this film and it's along the same lines but this is the one film it gets confused with all the time. Thank you for your input though!

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