Tinju Pertahanan


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Jul 7, 2009
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Hello all,
I greet everyone here;)
my martial cursus comes from Boxing Khmer (near to Thai Muay) and I discovered by chance in France (or I live) my Sifu de Tinju.
I wished to communicate information ! Excuse my very bad English:)
the Tinju Pertahanan is 1 mix of the vinh-xuan and silat.
I could poster in 1 heading " martial art Viet" or " Martial Art indon矇sian" lol

the techniques of fist are the mix of Wingchun Viet and the legs only silat. Mix very interesting it does not preserve 1 static part of some wingchun. For 1 boxer that is very good, very fast. Not 1 sporting system but 1 defense system Personal. In France I made after Khmer Boxing of Penchak Silat Silek but that was too traditional for me. Much Jurus! After 4 months I left this style.

my humble opinion Silat has are good Martial system! That is real! But according to l' old of the practitioner it has difficulties has to follow the teaching much of low positions resulting from the animals. Many jurus! They are important but 1 Silat system without Jurus remains always a good system for personal defense! The forum is very good, much of very interesting messages !!!
That is 1 great pleasure for me of being here with you !!!

in Europe the system names also Seikenpo.
The European ones did not understand the term: Tinju Pertahanan ! lol

peace & respect has all