This is interesting Count Dante

"Count Juan Raphael Dante, an immediate descendant of European nobility and a legend in his own time"

More like a legend in his own mind! Funny, reading his little bio, it's the same type story that Frank Dux and other frauds have claimed.
Out of curiousity do you happen to go on to the KenpoNet at all??? Someone matching your post wrote something similar on there.Just wanted to know if it was you or not.:jediduel:
I have no interest in this man whatever organization(s) are associated with him.

.... but still, I can always go for a good laugh.
dispite all the hot air that came out of count dante's mouth, (see frank duk) the man was a ligitemetly good black belt for his era, and actuely ahead of his time in seeing some of the weakness's in triditional karate, he wrote an article for i believe strengh & health magizene, a body building magezine of the time that was reprinted in offical karate mag, which realy upset the powers that were of the era, but now fit in with modern self-defense thoughts. train hard, train smart.
What I want to know is whether or not "Count" Dante was actually named as the deadliest man of all time. For all the BS he seems to talk, it certainly doesn't seem like it would be a legitimate claim. Anyone know anything about all the claims that he makes?
The title of deadlest man was awarded to him by bdfs, his own group, he was a good tournament fighter ......oops, player, and connected with robert trias's u. s. k. a. but broke away and started his own group, thus the publicity for the WORLDS deadlyist man. train hard, train smart.
The title was given to him by "World Federation of Fighting Arts", see the article:

He got the title in '67 and then retired so he didn't have to defend it:

Count Dante was actually a good fighter, he won many tournaments and coached even more winners. His genious idea was: cross-training. Actually, he did MMA back when no-one had heard about it. His philosophy was to take the opponent to deep water and drown him. That means, take him to a fighting range he is unfamiliar with and beat him there. That was unheard of at the time, when everyone picked one style and sticked loyally to it, no matter what. As far as fighting skills, Count Dante seems to have been the real deal back then. Nowadays most of his stuff seems pretty basic compared to modern MMA but hey, he did have limited resources back in that era.

It is sad that Ashida Kim has tried to make a name for himself by associating himself with Dante's organization as it has mostly hurt Dante's students (Aguiar in the real org founded by Dante. Even the fact that this is discussed in the "ninjutsu" forum here proves this point. Dante never claimed any link to any ninjutsu system, yet where do people post guestions about him? In the ninjutsu forum... All because of Ashida Kim.

A bit about the name "Count Dante"... The guy was a "Count" of some kind. Dante was a "stage name" but as I have understood, a name that did exist somewhere in his family history, somewhere in the European family roots of his. The point in choosing that name was, that he thought it was cool to be Dan-Te (dan as in "black belt expert", te as in "hand") so he called his MMA style the art of Dan-Te or the art of "Expert Hands" or "Black Belt Hands". So the whole Count Dante thing was a larger story that has been mostly forgotten and the remains ridiculed later.

Overall a sad story about a gifted martial artist who fell because of other problems in his life.

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