The New OTM 15- Kenpo Can Be So Much More!


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Sep 29, 2002
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Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania USA
Fellow Martial Artists,

Good afternoon. I would like to announce that the new "On the Mat" clip has been posted.

After four instructional clips, we have posted a more unusual clip with out-takes from this project or some comic relief. However, this particular clip really stands out for me.

Towards the end of October, two of our students, Vince and Kelly, got married. It was such a great moment for all of us to be a part of. Not only did Vince take the plunge, he literally took the plunge with all of the guys from the UPK! What a rush!

In anycase, Mr. Daugherty -the producer of these clips- really out did him himself and I want to thank him for putting so much hardwork into this project. This clip is awesome, reminding me of what Kenpo means to me... so much more than just the training! It has given me the opportunity to meet many great people and make even greater friends or what I consider family.

I really hope all of you enjoy this clip and furthermore find family within your own training.

Good journey!

Joshua Ryer
UPK Pittsburgh

OC Kid

cool Josh I really look fwd to your clips. The one on the Universal block was great. Keep them coming

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