Taekwondo World Championships 2015


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Feb 13, 2012
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Essen, Germany
So the Taekwondo World Championships are happening right now in Chelyabinsk, Russia and nobody's talking about it?

I watched a couple of matches live and the new electronic head protectors are a huge step forward. Way less breaks and video replays and therefore way more fun to watch. And thank god there are players like Servet Tazegül (who became world champion for the third time) who showcase amazing technique and therefore keep it interesting.

The constant front leg only fighting style of most female players with no spinning techniques at all made me stay away from most female matches though.

I was disappointed by the German team this year. I was expecting Levent Tuncat (-58kg) or Volker Wodzich (+87kg) to get a medal due to their recent performance at other tournaments. And I was hoping that Yanna Schneider (-73kg) could finally put herself on the map in the senior division after being world champion in the junior division in 2012.

Let's see how Tahir Gülec (-80kg - World Champion 2013) will perform this year. There'll be lots of pressure on him since it'll be the last weight category, plus there's lots of good players in the -80kg category, like Aaron Cook who knocked out Tahir in the Manchester Grand Prix in October 2014.

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