Slashdot Games New emElder Scrolls/em Game In 2010?

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Sep 11, 2006
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Slashdot Games New emElder Scrolls/em Game In 2010?
By News Bot - 10-29-2008 09:39 PM
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Paul Oughton, publishing executive for Bethesda, spoke to GamesIndustry about the company's plans for the future, and his comments include some information about the next Elder Scrolls game. Quoting: "'At the moment we've got Fallout 3 for this year and potentially there's a new Elder Scrolls title in 2010,' said Oughton. 'At the moment we're not that interested in the Wii. We're going to stick to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. We'll continue to pursue three or four titles a year and go for big titles,' he said of the company's publishing plans for the future."pa href=";from=rss"img src=";op=imageamp;style=h0amp;sid=08/10/30/0114218"/a/ppa href=";from=rss"Read more of this story/a at Slashdot./ppa href=""img src="" border="0" ismap="true"/img/a/pimg src="" height="1" width="1"/



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