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May 23, 2022
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When violence is the answer by Tim Larkin - Rating : 3.00 / 5.00

Hello guys , this is going to be my first post and i decided that it would be intresting if i review a pretty classic self defence book (basically the first you will probaply see when looking to buy one) called "When Violence is the answer". Just by reading the first pages of the book you can tell it appeals to begginers. The author is introducing ways of thinking about violencen ( you should see violence as a souless tool that helps you to survive an attack if used correct ) and also makes a very importrant discrimination between social aggression ( avoidable through social skills and de-escalationand ) and asocial violence ( the type of violence you have no other choice but to face , in other words recongising a situation where you have to fight for your life ). An other very important thing written in this book is the definition of a target , according to the author "Targets are entry points for a vector of force" , the key word here is entry. Fighting for your life especially when you are not a highly skilled martial artist training for many years puts you in a place where you have to minimize risk and mistakes , with every strike you have to give everything you got and visualize yourself doing what a bullet ( entry and exit point ) does , WRECK and DRILL.To the negative side this books has 0 images to help you better understand the correct form of basic movements ( jab etc. ) , also it has no training programs at all leaving a newbie total clueless on what to do when practising.
Overral its worth a casual read , nothing special tho !