Aight tell me if I am right or wrong.

Jeet Kune Do isn't really a style, it's more of a philosophy on fighting. Bruce said everyone should have their own unique style. Bruce's just happened to call his Jeet Kune Do(Way of the Intercepting Fist). He applied all his ideas into this style that really suited his speed and strength, taking away all the useless movements and creating his own system using Wing Chun as the base.

So am I right that Jeet Kune Do really isn't a style at all, it is just a philosophy on martial arts training and fighting?
People disagree; you'll find discussion of it in other threads in this forum. In part it's an Original JKD vs. JKD Concepts issue.
In order to find the answers to these questions I'll be taking my first introductory JKD class tomorrow night. Who knows, if the instructor and class are good I may stick around and use JKD as my cross training art...:asian:

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