Pressure into the back of the head when doing the "circle of life exercise".


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Jul 26, 2016
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Please watch the second video here:
6-Минутная Тренировка, Которая Может Заменить Час Фитнеса В Спортзале - Система Кадочникова
beginning at 2:00. Note that his head is quite high off the ground.

In the phase of this exercise with the back on the floor, I experience strong pressure into the back of my head. I do not stop my breathing, so that is not the problem. I seek help in figuring out how to relax my neck and avoid blood-flow issues when performing this exercise.

I have asked a similar question regarding a different exercise:
How to position the head while crawling on the back using shoulders?
and did not have much success with the suggestions. I hope that the above video will provide a more concrete ground for answering my question.