Post Turtle


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Jan 15, 2006
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Airstrip One
An old rancher was forced to see his doctor after badly cutting his hand while mending a fence. As the doctor stitched up the wound, the conversation turned to politics.

"So," said the doctor, "...what do you think about (Obama/McCain..pick one) as our new president?"

"Oh...he's a post turtle," the rancher replied.

"A what?" the doctor replied no quite getting what the old rancher meant.

"A post turtle." the rancher said again, "Surely you've been driving down one of our old country roads before and seen a turtle up on a fence know.... a post turtle."

The doctor nodded, but still looked puzzled so the rancher continued to elaborate, " know the turtle didn't get up there by itself, it doesn't belong up there, it doesn't know what to do now that it is up there, and you are left wondering what kind of a dumb *** would put it up there in the first place."

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