yo w'ssup my parents dont want to me to fight in the ring but dont mind me training with my kru like once a week but they dont like me practising at my house when i have spare time, i need somehelp in what to do ? thanks yall
Leave home, unless your 16 in that case bide your time for 2 years and then get the frick out!! All kids should leave home at 18...time to grow up!

Damian Mavis
Honour TKD
Can you at least work on your conditioning (strength and endurance)? That's a start.

Do they really object to you practicing as a matter of principle or is it how/when you do it? Is it disruptive to other members of the household? Loud? Unsafe (in their opinion)? Too violent (in their opinion)? Negotiate--"How about if I limit it to half an hour per day, at such-and-such a time when no one should be bothered by it?" Then work your way up after that's been successful for a few weeks.

Unless your parents are simply against it on principle I would think it's a matter of them finding your practice either a.) unsafe or b.) disruptive. Find out!
Welp since your 14 you just gotta do what we all did....... abide by your parents rules. It's just the way of the world, you'll be a little older soon and have more control over your own choices in no time. Things will change in just a couple years, most parents lighten up when their kid starts looking more and more like an adult and less like their baby they still think of you as. BUT! If they are allowing you to learn Muay Thai then I would suggest practicing it somewere else like a park or a community centre or even get a gym membership with a gym that has a room available for you to use and practice in. If your allowed out of the house at certain times of the day then go practice somewere else.

Damian Mavis
Honour TKD
thanks for giving me some advice but my parents still dont like the fact that i am a MT practioner guess they are going to have to live with it!

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